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Friendly expert help is just a click away

Please read this free practical guide to dealing with malware warnings if you want to resolve the issue yourself.

Here you can request an expert help to remediate your site’s security problems →

For a reasonable fee, you'll get information on
  • why your site is blacklisted by Google
  • how hackers managed to compromise your site
and step by step instructions on how to
  • find and remove malicious content
  • close security holes to prevent reinfections
  • get rid of malware warnings in Google and web browsers in less than 24 hours

Risk-free: Submit your help request for a free manual review now. No payment is required until I confirm that I can really help you.

Flat fee: $35 per case.

Guidance throughout the cleanup process and one week of unlimited questions included.

My expertise

My name is Denis Sinegubko and I'm the developer of Unmask Parasites and author of the “Practical Guide to Dealing With Google's Malware Warnings”.

I’m also an official top contributor to the "malware and hacked sites" section of Google’s Webmaster Cental forum and a member of StopBadware.org working group.

During the last three years I have investigated over a thousand real cases and can easily recognize many hacker attacks. My security articles and investigations are regularly mentioned in the news.

Read what other people say about this service

"First of all, I have to say thank you! My $35 was very well spent. The problem is solved, you helped me lift the veil of mystery and I learned a lot about internet security and how to prevent this from happening again. Very rewarding experience!"

Pete Piper, Hawaii, USA

"...I also want to let you know how grateful I am for your service. Not only did you help us get to the bottom of the problem, but you also showed us how to do it for ourselves. Your advice will help us secure all out sites in the future."

Raglan Tribe, Mindsheet Ltd, UK

"When your site is infected with malware, not only do you want the problem fixed, you want constant feedback on the progress of its resolution. Unlike other sites, Denis Sinegubko of Unmask Parasites kept me informed. He was proactive in following up several times a day until the problem was fixed. Denis made a difficult situation much easier to handle. Without hesitation, I would recommend Denis Sinegubko and Unmask Parasites if you have malware."

Alex Barthet, Florida, USA

"This service you're providing is a true God send! Finally someone who knows what they're talking about, and is friendly and helpful :)"

Abhik Sarkar, London, UK

"I know like you said the answers are on your blog, but when you do not know what to look for having someone at hand is so much more beneficial...

I feel so much more relaxed now I know the cause and how to help prevent it and what to do if it happens again."

Michael Bunn, Salisbury, United Kingdom

"...I have just checked Google Webmaster tool and all malware warnings are removed! Thanks for your great help and advice. This was a huge lesson learned for me. This never happened before and obviously I was not quite prepared either.

So, I will definitely recommend your service to my clients and friends."

Christian Baliko, Australia

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